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Our Services

Our services are focused on assisting you in achieving your vision. We offer packages and individual services. Schedule your free consultation today!

Service Packages

Brant Boost

Enhance your brand for greater presence and consumer engagement

Image by Frederik Löwer
  • Design or enhance your brand

  • Create a vision

  • Copyedit of website, social media, and marketing materials

  • Build an elevator pitch

Strategic Success

Strengthen your infrastructure to support continued success

Image by Rafael Rex Felisilda
  • Create a vision

  • Devise a strategic plan

  • Improve operations

  • Review and improve policies, procedures, and protocols

  • Enhance Brand

Start Up Strong

Build a strong foundation from the moment of go.

Image by Glen Carrie
  • Design or enhance your brand

  • Create a vision

  • Copyedit website, social media, and marketing materials

  • Construct a business plan

  • Devise a strategic plan

  • Build an elevator pitch

  • Develop policies, procedures, and protocols

Organization Optimization

Elevate your organization above the competition

Image by Kevin Crosby
  • Improve operations

  • Design efficient new hire/volunteer onboarding processes

  • Assistance for executive staff hiring

  • Create job descriptions

  • Event analysis

  • Funding Evaluation 

  • And more!

All Services

  • Board member recruitment and interviewing (nonprofits)

  • Brand enhancement

  • Business plan development

  • Consultation

  • Copyediting (website, social media, marketing materials)

  • Document review

  • Elevator pitch development

  • Event analysis

  • Job description creation

  • Mission and vision development

  • Onboarding new hires and volunteers

  • Operations improvement

  • Policy, procedure, and protocol development

  • Strategic plan development

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