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Forest Trees

We partner with organizations that aim to further the recovery of the community and its members.


A world where obstacles are only temporary and community collaboration is the norm.


To serve community organizations that address obstacles to recovery - we are devoted to each person transcending life’s challenges.


As an organization, our definition of recovery aligns with SAMHSA in that recovery is a change process where individuals enter a journey to enhance health and wellness with autonomy and have the chance to reach all their goals.

Group Hike


Focus Upstream

When we see a problem, we ask what is the root cause. Transcendworx focuses upstream on issues that contribute to the barriers that those in recovery may experience. Individuals experiencing substance use, mental health disorders, chronic health conditions, and other stressors encounter a myriad of challenges that make wellness, choice, and goals more difficult to attain. We aim to work with organizations that focus on tackling those challenges.

Embody Antiracism

We believe that addressing barriers to recovery also means recognizing, acknowledging, and addressing racism in every effort.

Prioritize Individuals

We work with organizations that facilitate the ability of another person being independently successful in what they want in their life. Ultimately, there are many pathways to transcend wellness, and the person has authority for their individual journey.

Amplify Communities

Recovery touches the lives of so many. We focus on elevating the voices of all recovery community members and centering the voices that typically are ignored.

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